Doktor Bedah

while cleaning up my room and found this..

It is destiny or a choice? I was really determined and even more specific.

Don't remember of having these evaluations.

In Summary: When I first started high school, I had less confidence and initiative. But i think it was fair because it was a transition period from a childish me to a little less childish me. But can't help noticing that i was forever had a B for my appearance and sociability. Haha. Was never and still never a pretty girl in school. I was a school prefect hence I always put on my serious face to school. Hence the less sociability. I guess.

These were what i chose

These were what the homeclass teacher thought about me.

In Summary: I was never good in Music, Literature and never have talent in persuading people. But excelled in Math and Social service. Tell me if i am wrong. Could it be that the teacher copied my answers? Or in a way, agreed to my choices?

Sometimes, de cluttering can be effing long.
Especially my brothers' room.
But it gives you an undefined satisfaction


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